Cost Less Carpet brings you the largest selection of today’s stains, finishes, styles and designs of hardwood flooring, one of the most practical, easy-care and versatile floor coverings today. Hardwood flooring is timeless. It enhances the warmth of any home and complements the decor of any room.

Cost Less Carpet only carries pre-finished wood flooring – this means that the floor only requires installation

Styles and Sizes

Sure to please any consumer Cost Less Carpet carries many different thicknesses and sizes of planks of pre-finished hardwood. It also comes in either hand scraped, flat or glossy finishes.


  • 1/2" Engineered
  • 3/4” Solid
  • 5/8” Solid
  • 5/8” Finger Jointed Solid
  • 5/8” Engineered
  • 3/8” Engineered
Solid hardwood refers to just that, it is made from the particular wood species and nothing else. Cost Less Carpet carries both ¾” and 5/8” thick boards. Length of boards varies by variety. The 5/8” finger jointed is made from shorter boards. Each end board is then jointed and attached to another board. This creates a stable construction that is strong and beautiful.

Engineered hardwood refers to having a hardwood veneer that is applied to various layers of wood sheets. These sheets are layered in opposite directions creating stability. Engineered floors can go above or below grade and over concrete, thus being more versatile than solid hardwood. Cost Less Carpet carries 5/8” and 3/8” thicknesses for your convenience.

As you know, hardwood is made from wood, not steel and can scratch or dent. Make sure your lifestyle will work with hardwood floors. Hardwood floors are not recommended for persons with large dogs. We also recommend adding a humidifier to your H-vac system. This we help create a stabile moisture environment in you home. Additionally, homes with pellet stoves can prove harmful to hardwood floors causing them to extremely dry out causing gaps and cracking. Hardwood also varies in hardness, please refer to the Janka scale to determine the hardness of the species you select.

Care & Maintenance

ike laminate floors, hardwood floors are not one you want to wet mop. The use of a SWIFFER type implement to lightly clean the dust and debris off your floor is best. We do not recommend using oil based soaps or cleaners with ammonia either as this can affect the finish in your floor. The use of a vacuum without a beater bar attachment is also recommended for floors with beveled edges or handscraping. This will help remove debris collecting in that area and keep the floor looking natural for years to come. Another secret to keeping that floor looking great is limiting the amount of sun exposure. Sunlight can fade your floor and we recommend appropriate blinds to protect your floor. Additionally, making sure furniture and other heavy objects have protectors placed on the contact points with the floor will help with future damage.


Sub floor – this is critical to having a flat finished product. The sub floor needs to be flat and free of debris. Any peaks in the seams of the sub floor need to be fixed prior to installation of the hardwood. The sub floor needs to also be consistent and sturdy enough to ensure the there is a good bond no matter what method of installation is used.

Hardwood can be installed four different ways.
1. Nail down- this is generally the method for installing solid hardwood.
2. Staple- this is generally the method for 5/8” solids and other hardwoods less than 3/4” in thickness.
3. Glue down- this is generally the method for engineered on concrete.
4. Floating- this is the least common method and can only be done with certain wood.

THE MOST CRITICAL FACTOR – is moisture, moisture must be within 4% of the sub floor prior to any flooring being installed! Make sure that you use a moisture meter to determine the moisture level before you install. Most hardwood is shipped containing 6-9% moisture. If hardwood is installed that contains too much moisture, it will shrink and cause gaps